Our mission

We dedicate ourselves to bettering the lives of our clients, our business partners, and our employees.                                                                       
Their needs drive our pricing, policies, products, and services.

Our vision
We are a nationally recognized and trusted name in the telecommunications industry.
We're known for our personalized, dedicated support service, and most importantly, our integrity.

1. We believe in providing superior customer service at all times.
2. Honesty is a valued and important aspect of our culture.
3. Our feet are firmly rooted in integrity.
4. Our success is founded on building relationships.

Our values
Jack's Telecom has been in the Valley for over 20 years, but was purchased from the previous owner by John and Georgia Micola in 2005. John and Georgia actually met while Georgia was with Qwest and John was a tech for Jack's Telecom.

John had always been at odds with the lack of service given to customers by the dial-tone providers and Georgia was determined to prove that there were some intelligent people that worked for those providers.
In the end, she proved him wrong and they were married two-and-a-half years later and purchased Jack's Telecom a year after that.
John had been a tech for the previous owner and was very happy to take over a company that he believed could be a better telecommunications partner for both current clients and the new ones that would be coming on board down the road.
He had a vision to be a “one-stop shop” that focused more on customer service than the bottom line, with the belief that with good customer service, the bottom line would take care of itself.

Georgia had been employed with Qwest Communications and Eschelon Telecom in the small business segment of their sales department when they acquired Jack's Telecom. She honestly believed that she would rather lose a sale than force someone into something they didn’t need.

She believed that a customer would rather talk to someone they knew and trusted, than just another voice over the phone with a big company. They base their reputation and integrity on the backs of their clients.

With all of the retention of their current clients and referrals that they receive, they believe that they have achieved their goal of being a customer service-based company and intend to keep on working to make things better and easier for everyone they come in contact with, whether they become a client or not.

"To all of you, from all of us at Jack's Telecom: Thank you and have a good day!"

John Micola,